A Wide Selection of Plasma Cutting Tables Covers a Similar Range of Needs

Of all the effective ways of cutting metal and other dense, tough materials, plasma is one of the most flexible and powerful. Plasma is a fourth form of matter beyond the well-known solid, liquid, and gaseous kinds, with ionized particles elevating the energies within a concentrated cloud of diffuse matter to otherwise unreachable levels. Properly controlled and directed, plasma can cut through just about anything quickly and accurately, often putting far less stress on the material surrounding the cut than other approaches would, as well.

Companies like that at Machitech.com make it easy for CNC shops and others with a need for such capabilities to find the equipment that will best suit their needs. Machitech CNC Plasma tools are available in a range of basic types, covering the gamut from relatively simple, low-priced entry-level cutting tables to far more sophisticated ones meant for high-volume operations.

On the low end of the scale, buyers will find unitized tables that are meant for relatively small operations. While some machine-shop buyers do find that these tools can suit their needs, most such equipment is bought by companies like HVAC specialists for their own occasional plasma cutting projects.


Moving up in the range, a number of bridge-and-rail-style systems improve output levels, while also increasing accuracy. Although unitized plasma cutting tables can deliver an impressive level of functionality for the price, modular bridge-and-rail systems allow for even greater precision and reliability. This makes these systems good options for many operations where capacity will be an issue, with the modular style also enabling expansion as the need to cut more plates and parts increases.

On the very highest end of the scale, some of the most capacious of plasma cutting systems boast tables of up to eighty feet in length. Designed to allow for working with the largest parts and materials that are commonly found in heavy industries, these machines are equipped with gantries stout enough to support some truly impressive plasma cutting tools. While such equipment is inherently rare to find in production use, it lives up to some of the most demanding requirements of all when it does appear, doing things that virtually no other tool can handle.


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